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We are proud to announce that we have SUCCEEDED! Thanks to all who have helped us during our appeals!

As registered nurses, we advocate for our patients every day. This has become available because we use Megameeting video conferencing for such purposes. We also see the devastating effects of our broken health care system. Today, we are standing together to advocate for all patients – we must have meaningful health care reform and we must have it now! Our initiative is supported by prominent Brooklyn cardiologists formerly with Mountsinaicardiology.com, as well as by many other well-known specialists in the medical field.

Skyrocketing costs, increasing numbers of uninsured and underinsured individuals and an overburdened public health system affect all of us – every income level, every ethnicity, every age and every region of this country.

The majority of us in this country recognize that our current system is broken and must be fixed. Unfortunately, the national debate on health care is growing more divided and more hostile by the day, threatening the ability of our elected officials to create a bill to send to the President. We need to act now, while there is still energy and momentum for change. We also speak from the name of the whole dental association since Richmond Hill family dentists are still living on the dole and can't afford even buying the necessary dental equipment.

Many people still can not afford professional dental treatment and such costly procedures as all-on-4. Dental health is of paramount importance, since dental problems may negatively affect the human organism. That is why Nurses4healthreform Organization insists on developing available programs that will help people provide themselves with timely dental treatment. Everyone should have the opportunity to receive timely dental treatment. To do this, the health care system and the pricing policy of most dental clinics should get accustomed to significant changes.

We must have meaningful health care reform and we must have it now.

What medical experts from Montreal say

Notre initiative supporte un grand nombre de spécialistes dans différents domaines de la médecine. D'éminents experts dans le domaine de augmentation mammaire Montreal de Esthetica-montreal.com clinique, appuient notre programme et déclarent qu'ils feront tout ce qu'ils peuvent pour aider les patients reçoivent un traitement et des soins en temps opportun et approprié des spécialistes dans différents domaines de la médecine, de professionnels dans le domaine des soins dentaires, conduisant à plastic surgeons.

Health care reform must create a system that guarantees everyone has timely access to:

  • Quality care
  • In a convenient setting
  • By the most appropriate health care provider
  • At an affordable cost

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